The Irish Journal of Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability is an interdisciplinary journal covering the subjects of environmental management, spatial planning, urban regeneration, environmental planning, local economic development and innovation, and social sustainability in an integrated way as well as in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

IJSEES is characterised by an openness to a variety of contributions and shaped by dialogical relationships between academic and professional disciplines and between research and practice. It is a peer-reviewed journal operating as an interdisciplinary forum for the critical review of policy developments in the broad areas outlined and seeks not only to publish analysis and critique but also to disseminate innovative practice.

In the beginning of the 21st century, despite major scientific and technological accomplishments, it remains the case that politicians, social and community activists, environmentalists, planners, policy makers, engineers and economists have to work together in order to ensure that social development, environmental protection, spatial co-ordination and economic development will be achieved without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own requirements.

A key component of such an approach is a journal such as this which facilitates critical engagement by academic and practitioner researchers with the complex and multi-disciplinary issues that arise.



Dr. Deiric Ó Broin (Editor) Dublin Institute of Technology

Dr. Jackie Bourke (Co-Editor) Independent Researcher

Dr. Ken Boyle Dublin Institute of Technology

Dr. Marian Coll Dublin Institute of Technology

Ciarán Cuffe Dublin Institute of Technology

Samantha Fahy Dublin City University

Prof. David Jacobson Dublin City University

Paul Lawlor Dublin Institute of Technology

Dr. Melinda Lyons Dublin Institute of Technology

Prof. Ronnie Munck Dublin City University

Dr. Mary Murphy Maynooth University

Dr. Conor Norton Dublin Institute of Technology

Dave O'Connor Dublin Institute of Technology

Odran Reid Dublin Institute of Technology

Louise Treacy Tom Phillips and Associates